How the Bass Spawn Works

By: Vivien Bullen

Bass Fishing During the Spawn

Fishin­g during the bass spawn can be tricky. While the bass have moved to shallow waters -- making them easy to find -- they aren't eating. Getting the bass to take the bait is that much more difficult [source: Dodson].

To hook a nesting bass, take a logical approach. The fasting males won't be tempted away from their instinctive duties by a typically popular lure. So what would get the male to bite? He's just spent a great deal of time clearing away a nest. His main duty for the next three weeks is to keep that home clean and safe. Naturally, he'll be more likely to respond to bait out of defense [source: Canning].


The technique used for fishing during the spawn is often referred to as "Sight Fishing." With the bass in shallow waters, you can locate them simply by walking carefully near the edge of the water and looking for their clean, dug out nests. But just as you can see them, they can see you. So it's best to look for the nests and then watch for their shadows so as not to scare the fish away [source: Canning].

After locating a nest, remember that patience is important. Bass are smart fish, and they often learn to recognize lures and bait [source: Take Me Fishing]. You may need to try different lures in different spots around the nest to grab their attention. Anglers should consider using bright lures with contrasting bottoms.


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