How Bass Fishing at Night Works

Tips for Bass Fishing at Night

Here are some last-minute tips to remember before heading out:

  • Night's inactivity magnifies sound, and bass feeding in shallow water after sundown are easily s­pooked by noises. Try not to drop equipment or slam tackle box lids.
  • Perhaps you're concerned about the effects of lost sleep when you're night fishing. If you anchor the boat, napping is always possible -- sometimes it can be a while between strikes. Another advantage to anchoring is that it allows the fish to get used to your boat sitting in their spot. Once they've adjusted, they're more likely to bite.
  • If bugs have you bothered, fear not. Most of the bugs don't bite; they just bother. In any case, they tend to go away about an hour after dark. And there may well be a breeze that will keep most of them away. If you're really worried, take along insect repellent. [source: Bass]

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