Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures



This largemouth bass fell victim to a spinnerbait.
This largemouth bass fell victim to a spinnerbait.
Wally Eberhart/Getty Images

When fished correctly, spinnerbait can be one of the most versatile bass lures in your tackle box [source: Staples]. An experienced angler can take advantage of the unique shape and swimming action of spinnerbait to crank it deep, weave it through thick cover, and flip and sink it within the shoreline structure -- the tree branches and stumps we mentioned earlier -- or swim it along the surface.

Spinnerbait bass lures look a little strange on dry land. The body of the spinnerbait resembles a paper clip that has been opened up and twisted to a right angle. At the bottom end of the paper clip is a jig head with a skirted hook. Dangling from the top end of the opened paper clip are one or two shiny, gold or silver-colored spinner blades. The spinnerbait's odd appearance only makes sense when you see the lure move through the water.

When retrieved slowly or quickly through the water, the spinner blades spin and flash wildly, creating a commotion in the water that bass can see, hear and feel. The colorful skirt adds to the noisy effect while keeping the hook weedless.

And we simply couldn't do a top 10 without including the extremely effective plastic worm. That's next.