Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures



Jigs are simple bass lures that can be as basic as a hook with a small metal ball on top. More often, the top of the jig is painted with fish eyes and the hook is camouflaged with a frilled plastic skirt. The colorful skirt not only attracts fish, but helps make the hook weedless -- or difficult to snag in cover.

The jig-and-pig gets its name from the longstanding belief that big fish love pork-based baits. Pork lures look a lot like their plastic cousins -- sold in shapes resembling frogs, crawfish and worms -- but are made from real pork skin. To keep them fresh, pork baits need to be stored in a brine (salt) solution.

The classic jig-and-pig lure is a skirted jig with a pork trailer, or extra hook, attached to the main hook. For anglers who don't like the mess of brine solutions, there are plenty of alternatives like chunky plastic frogs and plastic grubs with wiggly tails.

The jig-and-pig is a heavy lure that works best when flipped into a shoreline structure like submerged tree branches or stumps and made to twitch and sink slowly [source: Tackle Tour]. Its big, slow presentation makes it one of the best bass lures for cold water, when bass are also moving slower.

Keep reading to find out which lure is best at catching bass post-spawn when they're dining on shad minnows.