Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures



Buzzbaits are topwater lures with flat propeller-like blades that churn the water as the bait is retrieved, producing the noisy buzzing sound that gives these baits their name [source: Bass Resource]. Buzzbaits are typically made of hard plastic or lightweight aluminum. While they're perhaps best loved for their ability to skim over vegetation and debris without snagging, buzzbaits come in a range of weights and blade styles designed to work in different water conditions. The baits come in two basic shapes, inline and U-shaped, with between one and four blades per lure [source: Ratley]. Experienced anglers often bend the blades to modify the angle of the propellers, which affects their movement, or action, in the water [source: Staples].

Of course, the next lure has been considered one of the go-to lures for amateur and pro fishermen since it was first invented in the late '60s.