Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures

Plastic Worms
This bass was lured by a plastic worm.
This bass was lured by a plastic worm.
Wally Eberhart/Getty Images

Back in the lure aisle at the bass fishing superstore, you might be wondering why there's so much shelf space devoted to plastic worms. Can such a simple idea -- replacing live bait worms with colorful plastic versions -- really catch bass? You betcha.

One of the simplest bass lures in the business, the Texas-rigged plastic worm, is still one of the most effective. As we mentioned before, the classic Texas rig involves threading a hook through the top of the plastic bait and then burying the tip of the hook lower down in the belly of the lure, making it weedless.

When done correctly, a Texas-rigged worm lies straight in the water with only its tail wiggling behind. In this presentation, the lure looks less like a worm than a small baitfish.

Another popular technique for plastic worms is called the wacky rig. At first, it looks like the kind of thing a 3-year-old would attempt. The hook is pierced directly in the middle of the worm's body, and the two ends of the worm are left to dangle.

When a wacky-rigged worm is flipped and dropped around structures like logs and docks, the two dangling ends of the worm wiggle enticingly as it sinks. For whatever reason, this drives bass crazy.

Now you're ready to get out on the water and try these 10 bass lures for yourself. But first, visit the links on the next page for even more information on fishing.

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