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jet ski fishing
jet ski fishing
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Obviously, the first thing you need is a PWC, preferably one of the newer, more generously-sized models. Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea-Doo and Yamaha are major brands. One New Zealand PWC fishing enthusiast Web site, for example, favors the Yamaha FX HO Waverunner, a $12,000 PWC that has a four-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection and can carry more than 500 pounds of passengers and equipment.

You'll also want to outfit and customize the craft for fishing. Perhaps the most important gadget is a fish finder, a device that uses sonar to visualize the bottom of a body of water and locate objects -- namely fish. The cheapest models start at around $400, but you can spend a couple of grand on the most sophisticated, high-end finders. Another essential is a rig to hold your fishing rods and a cooler for storing the fish that you catch.

Since most of the time you'll be fishing while drifting, use a lightweight spin and overhead reel designed for softbait fishing. It's a good idea to bring along a net and a medium-sized gaff also, to reduce your chances of losing the fish. A sea anchor will keep you from being carried away by fast currents.

Since you'll be out in the water wrestling with a fish from a small, less-stable platform than a boat, good dependable safety equipment is a must. Be sure to bring along a well-equipped first-aid kit and life jacket. A tow rope, emergency flares, a cell phone and a VHF radio are also recommended. You and anybody else you bring along should also have a wetsuit, goggles and extra warm clothing.a vital, floatation vest for each person on the PWC, wetsuit, goggles, extra warm clothing, a tow rope, emergency flare, cellphone and a VHF Radio if possible.