Jet Ski Fishing

jet ski fishing
jet ski fishing
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Have you seen the clip of "Man vs. Fish" and "Madman of the Sea" host Matt Watson wrestling with a marlin from the precarious perch of a Sea-Doo? Looks a bit extreme, doesn't it? Ergo, you're probably assuming that fishing from a personal watercraft (PWC) is just another of Matt's outré stunts. But actually a growing number of PWC enthusiasts are using their crafts not just for racing around and shredding waves, but also to catch fish.

Like their compatriots who fish from surfboards, PWC fishermen have discovered that while fishing from a PWC might look a little goofy, it's actually quite doable. Some of the newer models are now up to 12 feet in length, a size which gives them more stability as a fishing platform, and have the fuel capacity to venture out on longer fishing trips. Using a PWC as your fishing craft also has some significant advantages over using a conventional fishing boat. Because PWCs are smaller, they're cheaper and easier to store, and you don't need as big of a vehicle to tow a PWC to the water. Maintenance is simpler, and you don't need a crew. And PWCs are fast, so you can get to your favorite fishing spot more quickly. If you like the idea of being able to squeeze a few hours of impromptu fishing into your day without a lot of hassles, a PWC might just be the perfect choice for you.