5 Ways to Fish Responsibly

Way 5: Boating Behavior

Boat propellers can endanger both animal and plant life.
Boat propellers can endanger both animal and plant life.
Jeff Foott/Discovery Channel Images/Getty Images

Fishing and boating often go hand in hand, and it goes without saying that boats can be deadly to both plant and animal life.­ Operating your boat in shallow regions may chop up underwater vegetation that many fish species and crustaceans depend on for food and shelter. Even if your propeller and motor don't shear off plants, stirring up sediment also puts aquatic vegetation at risk by cutting off its ability to access sunlight. High boat wakes may also erode sensitive coastal areas.

Simply operating your boat with care isn't always enough. Besides following posted wake warnings and avoiding very shallow environments, you should also restrict your use of towed fishing gears and anchors or mooring chains that can tear up the lake bottom.

When you disturb the habitat of your favorite fish, you risk eliminating the very things that make fishing enjoyable in the first place.