5 Wackiest Ways to Go Fishing


Surf Fishing for Sharks

Australians do everything large. While most of us would settle for surf casting for sea bass or some other fish, a few hardy souls surf cast for sharks. Everybody wants the big one and you can't get any bigger than landing a great white. After baiting their hooks, the Aussie fishermen paddle a surf board out into the ocean where they drop the bait, a chunk of chum the size of an infant. When shark time comes around, hold on to your pole.

Anglers surf cast for sharks in other places, too, generally for the more diminutive of the species. The key to landing a shark is the bait. Some sharks are picky eaters. Sandbar sharks, for example, love sheepshead, while some large sharks like to chow down on rotten jackfish [source: Texas Shark Fishing]. Getting the right tackle is also key. The best rods cost up to $125, not including the reel. The experts say the cheaper rods and reels will end up costing you more in the long run [source: Texas Shark Fishing]. Do your homework because the sharks are waiting.