5 Wackiest Ways to Go Fishing


Aerial Bowfishing

Once upon a time, humans hunted practically everything with a bow and arrow, including other humans. These days, anglers use the weapon in pursuit of the Asian silver carp, an invasive species that can grow up to 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms). The carp are not a meek fish. They eat up to 40 percent of their own body weight in plankton, leaving little else for other fish. They also push out weaker native species [source: Schaper].

When a boat approaches, the Asian carp jump out of the water like Polaris missiles from a nuclear sub. Some have been known to gobsmack boaters across the face. Chris Brackett, owner of Brackett Outdoors in Mapleton, Ill., decided to teach the carp a lesson. He perfected the method of shooting the leaping carp with a bow and arrow. Aerial bowfishers take aim riding in a speeding boat. When the carp jump, the fish hunters let their arrows fly [source: Konway].