5 Tips for Removing Fish Hooks

How you remove the hook can save a fish.
How you remove the hook can save a fish.
iStockphoto.com/ Spencer Berger

Catch-and-release is becoming more and more popular among fishermen who want to make sure the fishing in their favorite spot remains good. It's the purest sort of fishing, practiced by anglers who enjoy the thrill of the fight but want to give a worthy adversary the opportunity to go on living -- and perhaps to fight the line another day.

That said, it's not enough just to throw back a fish after you catch it. Using good catch-and-release techniques, particularly when it comes to removing the hook from a fish without causing serious injury, are crucial to ensuring that your fish has the best possible chance of survival.

Use the following tips on how to get the hook out of a fish and return it to the water with minimal trauma.