Fish Conservation

Fish conservation helps to keep the sport of fishing alive. It also helps to maintain the balance of certain ecosystems. Fish are important to the planet and fish conservation can help maintain nature's balance.

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How Fish Fraud Works

That red snapper you're enjoying for dinner might well be tilapia since 87 percent of snapper in the U.S. is mislabeled. Why is fish fraud so widespread?

5 Wackiest Ways to Go Fishing

Deep-sea fishing used to seem extreme. Not anymore. Now, days where you fish by hand or reel in 200-plus pound marlins -- from a kayak -- are considered just another day on the water.

Dogtooth Tuna

Not exactly known for being the most attractive fish in the sea, the dogtooth tuna has, in recent years, become increasingly sought after by sport fishermen seeking a challenge.

Fly Fishing

If you've ever watched a fly fisherman wade into the river and begin to dance his glinting line above the rushing water, you've probably developed an envy of his art -- not to mention his gear.

Helicopter Fishing

When you saw the words "helicopter fishing," you probably assumed we were going to tell how to emulate "Madman of the Sea" and "Man vs. Fish" host Matt Watson's feat of diving from a chopper into the Pacific Ocean and landing on the back of a big marlin.

Ice Fishing

There's no standard rule of thumb for what kind of person might undertake the sport of ice fishing, aside from being able to deal with bitterly cold weather.

Jet Ski Fishing

Have you seen the clip of "Man vs. Fish" and "Madman of the Sea" host Matt Watson wrestling with a marlin from the precarious perch of a Sea-Doo? Looks a bit extreme, doesn't it?

5 Tips for Removing Fish Hooks

Catch-and-release is becoming more and more popular among fishermen who want to make sure the fishing in their favorite spot remains good. It's the purest sort of fishing, practiced by anglers who enjoy the thrill of the fight but want to give a worthy adversary the opportunity to go on living -- and perhaps to fight the line another day.

How to Choose Your Bait when Fishing

Different bait works for different fish and different fishing locations, so it's important to know how to choose your bait when fishing. Learn how to choose your bait when fishing in this article.

How to Choose Your Hooks when Fishing

It's important to know how to choose your hooks when fishing. Learn how to choose your hooks when fishing from this article.

Fishing Pictures

Fishing pictures show pictures of fishermen and their catch. See pictures of fishing and fly fishing, and even pictures of ice fishing.

How are fishing quotas set?

Without fishing quotas, we might reach a day when there's no surf in surf and turf. Overfishing is a huge problem and could lead some fish to extinction. How's fishing regulated?

How are fishing reports created?

Can't get a bite? Fishing reports can give you a heads-up about weather conditions, water temperatures and fish behavior before you even hit your chosen body of water. But how are they created?

How can a catfish grow so big?

At maturity, catfish come in a wide range of sizes. Some little guys can be as tiny as 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. And some can grow to mammoth sizes. But none have anything on the Mekong giant catfish.

How can you catch a fish without a rod and reel?

The wilderness is known for its lack of grocery stores and restaurants, so if you accidentally wander off into the woods without a trusty tool like a fishing pole, knife or gun -- are you out of luck? Or is there a way to keep your belly full?

Should fisherman always catch and release?

In some cases, you're not doing the fish population a favor when you release a fish back into the water. How do you know which fish to keep and which to return?

What's the biggest threat to freshwater habitats?

Saltwater accounts for 97 percent of all the water in the world. That means only 3 percent of all water is freshwater. Who's to blame for the contamination of this scarce yet vital resource?

How to Remove a Hook Without Injuring the Fish

Many fishermen release the fish they catch. But those fish don't always survive their battle wounds. It takes special skill to help a fish back into the water. How do you do it?

What are fish ladders?

Most fish only make two big trips in their lifetimes -- one shortly after birth and one when it's time to breed. But what's a fish to do when a dam's in the way?

How Fish Stocking Works

You may want to fill your pond to the brim with bass, but you can't just go throwing fish into the water whenever you darn well please. To keep those fish alive, you need to do a little research first.

Why do you need a license to fish?

People once fished to their hearts' content in the United States, due to the abundance of fish and relative lack of fisherman. Unfortunately, population growth and decreased supply led the government to require a license to fish.

5 Ways to Fish Responsibly

There's something fishy going on at your favorite pond. Since many of your fellow anglers don't practice responsible fishing techniques, the pond's inhabitants have decided to leave you high and dry.

What are fish managers?

With so many people fishing, it's possible that some species could be become extinct. Who keeps an eye on the fish population to ensure it doesn't get fished out?

How Fisheries Work

If you like fish -- to watch or to eat -- then you should admire fisheries. There are many different types, but all of them ensure that fishing doesn't get out of hand.