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By: Sarah Siddons

Benefits of

Let's face it -- everyone needs a happy place, a place where you can be with the people who know you, understand you and share your interests. If you're a diehard action-sports fan, can be your happy place.

The number one benefit of is that it's a social networking site just for action-sports fans. So not only do users have the opportunity to post their own photos, videos, blogs, forums and events all about action sports, but they can also interact with other members who share their unwavering passion for all things extreme [source: PR Web].

Advertisement also offers its users perks with their membership. Members can enter contests to win cash and prizes, and they can receive discounts on extreme-sports gear if they actively participate on the Web site [source: PR Web]. In addition, all action-sports events posted on include discounts on places to stay in the area, parking and pricing information and other insider tips and advice to help members have the best experience possible [source:, Inc.]. The Web site even features exclusive interviews with big names from the extreme-sport world like skater Tony Hawk and surfer Kelly Slater [source: LinkedIn].

And if you have a company looking to break into the action-sports community, can help you build your brand. offers a network for up-and-coming action-sports brands to market and sell their products [source: Linked In].

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