How the World Kayak Federation Works

Joining the World Kayak Federation

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, there are many ways to get involved in the World Kayak Federation. Joining such a community can provide educational opportunities and chances to meet others with similar interests and ambitions. Becoming a member is as simple as signing up at the WKF Web site, but your involvement can go much further.

As a beginner, one of the best ways to get involved may be to check out the educational programming available in your area. The WKF offers a curriculum to advance knowledge and love of the sport. It offers kayaking schools and camps for beginners of all ages. If you feel comfortable getting out in the water without additional instruction but want to kayak with others, the WKF provides links to clubs, municipal parks and recreation programs [source: World Kayak Federation].

For more experienced kayakers, the WKF serves as a link to events, festivals and other kayakers in your area. You also can work with the organization to plan and host an event in your area. When you join, you can start a blog documenting your kayaking experiences and adventures, which can help connect you to other kayakers with shared experiences and interests.

To get even more involved, you can become a WKF ambassador in your region. The WKF looks for leaders in local paddling communities to help bring its events to new areas. You would serve as a liaison between your local community and the worldwide kayaking community, helping to strengthen the connection between kayakers everywhere [source: World Kayak Federation].

Now that you know how you can become involved, read on to the next page to learn more about what the WKF can do for you.