How the World Kayak Federation Works

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Almost everyone has some kind of routine. You may work, take care of your family, keep the house clean and pay bills. But most people also need a little adventure in their lives -- a break from the mundane, a hobby to liven up the weekends, or a sport to get you up and moving. Maybe you are looking for something new to try. While you are running down your list of possible options, maybe kayaking is not the first thing to stand out, but this adventurous sport has a thriving and growing community and could be worth checking out.

Kayaking is a water sport using a single-passenger boat and a double-bladed paddle, which you use to navigate through the water. Originated by the Inuits, kayaking has become a popular sport worldwide in recent years [source: CBBC Newsround]. Kayaking styles range from more extreme whitewater kayaking to relaxed forms on tamer bodies of water. The style you choose should be based on your experience and your interest level.

If you are new to kayaking, there are many resources that can help you get started. The World Kayak Federation (WKF) is one that can link everyone from beginners to experienced kayakers. It helps compile the necessary information on regional kayaking opportunities and connects enthusiasts of all skill levels to one another through its ambassador program. It started only three years ago, but recently, it has branched into educational programming, which is helping beginners of all ages learn how to kayak safely [source: World Kayak Federation].

If you are interested in learning about the sport and how you can try it out, the WKF provides the basic information to find resources in your area. If you are an experienced kayaker, the organization can link you to others in your area and with your same interests. To learn more on how to join the WKF, read on to the next page.