How Tread Lightly! Works

Tread Lightly! Membership

The success of Tread Lightly! depends on the support and involvement of a broad range of players, from individual recreationists to outdoor retailers to corporate sponsors. With this in mind, Tread Lightly! offers a variety of membership and partnership options.

For individuals, a donation of $25 buys you an annual membership. Members receive free gifts and prize entries, a Tread Lightly! car decal, discounts from Tread Lightly! partners, discounts on Tread Lightly! gear -- T-shirts, jackets, hats and more -- and access to Tread Lightly! brochures and educational materials.

Retailers that specialize in outdoor gear and companies that outfit outdoor expeditions can also become members of Tread Lightly! for an annual fee of $50. They receive Tread Lightly! promotional materials and outdoor tips brochures for their stores and Tread Lightly! banner ads for their Web sites. They are also eligible for prize drawings and discounts for products like off-roading insurance.

Recreational clubs and associations can join or become official partners with Tread Lightly! for annual fees of $100 or $250 annually. Member Clubs receive loads of free brochures and newsletters, plus a large vinyl banner with the Tread Lightly! logo. Official Sponsor Clubs receive a special "Official Sponsor" logo to use on promotional materials and their website, plus voting rights on Tread Lightly! resolutions.

Corporations can benefit tremendously from close involvement with Tread Lightly!. First of all, by working with Tread Lightly!, a corporation ensures that recreationists will have ample areas to practice their favorite outdoor hobbies -- and use their favorite products --for years to come. Partnering with Tread Lightly! also improves corporate image and supports public relations efforts. It may also stave off government regulation of the outdoor sports industry if companies show that they're already positively engaged in environmental issues.

Magazines, Web sites and other media can also partner with Tread Lightly! to publish Tread Lightly! PSAs and produce editorial content that supports the Tread Lightly! message. Most of the major off-roading magazines are already Tread Lightly! media partners.

Let's wrap up our discussion of Tread Lightly! with a quick look at the benefits of the organization for sportsmen and the environment.