How Tread Lightly! Works

Tread Lightly! Programs

Tread Lightly! helps off-roaders develop a healthy respect for nature.
Tread Lightly! helps off-roaders develop a healthy respect for nature.
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With funding from governmental agencies and industry partners, Tread Lightly! runs a variety of awareness, education, advocacy and restoration programs throughout the country.

The flagship Tread Lightly! program is the Tread Trainer initiative launched in 2003. Through this program, nature lovers and outdoor recreationists can become educated advocates for land stewardship in their communities.

The basic Tread Trainer course is an eight-hour crash course in outdoor ethics with a focus on motorized and mechanized vehicles. Trainees are then qualified to share the Tread Lightly! message with civic groups, outdoor clubs and conservation organizations in their area. There is also a two-day Master Trainer course for people already involved with community outreach and recreational training programs.

The Restoration for Recreation program, founded in 1997, uses a combination of government funds, private investments and volunteer labor to restore degraded outdoor recreation areas across the country. Projects have included trail restoration, campsite clean-ups, facility upgrades and even bridge construction.

The Tread Lightly! team brings its message directly to the great outdoors with the Road to Adventure trailer. The trailer travels to off-roading events and popular trailheads across the country to spread the message of ethical riding and responsible land management.

Tread Lightly! also develops public service announcements -- posters, print ads, online campaigns and radio spots -- that promote outdoor ethics. The latest campaign is called "Respected Access is Open Access" and targets the recreational shooting community. The announcements are distributed and cross-promoted by Tread Lightly!'s partners, which include the U.S. Forestry Service, the Bureau of Land Management, Yamaha and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Tread Lightly! works closely with government land and water management agencies to support the important and underfunded work of these organizations. Tread Lightly! offers Tread Trainer courses to government employees, provides educational materials and brochures, and coordinates co-sponsored restoration projects.

In the next section, we'll explain how you can join Tread Lightly!.