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For all you extreme-sports fans out there, is your virtual playground. The number one benefit of is that it helps connect extreme-sports fanatics from around the world so members can share their passion and knowledge for all things extreme.

One feature that members can use is the forum. If members have a question or need information about a particular extreme-sports topic, they can create a forum to get help and advice from other users. Members can comment on other users' forums, too -- and maybe make some new friends along the way [source:].

Another perk of is that it provides a list of extreme-sports venues around the world. Do you dream of skiing in the mountains of Italy? Check out the Macugnaga resort in Monte Rosa. Members can find a description of the venue, ratings and a link to the resort's Web site all at [source:].

The site even hosts a variety of its own events for its extreme-sports fans. Visitors to the site must be a member to view and participate in upcoming events [source:].

If you're looking to connect with other extreme-sports fans, may be the perfect way for you to do it. For more information about, check out the links on the following page.

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