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Image Gallery: Skydiving is a social networking site for people who enjoy extreme sports. See more pictures of skydiving.
Image Gallery: Skydiving is a social networking site for people who enjoy extreme sports. See more pictures of skydiving.
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If you love all things extreme, then may be just the Web site for you. Created in 2008, is a social networking site unlike any other -- because it's exclusively for fans of extreme sports [source: Pree]. Whether you're a hardcore kite surfer, jet skier, skydiver or snowboarder, can help you connect with other extreme-sports nuts [source:].

Described as a fusion between social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook and the video-sharing Web site YouTube, lets users create and watch videos featuring their favorite extreme sports, post comments and vote on video clips [source:].


Much like members of other social networking sites, members of can "poke," "high five," and "wink" at their friends to get their attention -- they can also "Throw a Moose" and "slap" their connections if it so moves them [source: Pree]. The Web site even has its own online shop, so members can buy clothing, products and gear for their extreme sport of choice [source: Pree]. And if you need a new skydiving helmet, some BMX equipment and a pair of killer shades, you may be able to find them all in one place with just the click of a mouse.

The purpose of is to bring together the extreme-sports world, one fan at a time. And with more than 21 extreme sports featured on the Web site, it's well on its way. Is your adrenaline pumping yet? Check out the next page to find out how you can join



If you're looking for a way to connect with other extreme-sports nuts just like yourself, then may be the social networking site for you. was created to help build a community among individuals with a passion for extreme sports.

Because is a social networking site, users will have to become a member in order to fully participate. Users can register on the site by clicking the "Sign Up" link at the top of the homepage. Registration requires potential members to enter their name, sex, birth date and e-mail address, and they must create a username and password to begin [source:]. Members can then create a profile, find friends, upload and share photos and videos, and interact with other members on the site [source: Pree].


For quick access to news, updates and other information about the site, members can check out the blog on each time they sign in [source:]. The Web site even offers a chat feature so members can have real-time conversations with their friends [source:].

If you're already a member of several other social networking sites, you may wonder whether you want to put one more on your plate. Read the next page to find out about more of the benefits of


Benefits of

For all you extreme-sports fans out there, is your virtual playground. The number one benefit of is that it helps connect extreme-sports fanatics from around the world so members can share their passion and knowledge for all things extreme.

One feature that members can use is the forum. If members have a question or need information about a particular extreme-sports topic, they can create a forum to get help and advice from other users. Members can comment on other users' forums, too -- and maybe make some new friends along the way [source:].


Another perk of is that it provides a list of extreme-sports venues around the world. Do you dream of skiing in the mountains of Italy? Check out the Macugnaga resort in Monte Rosa. Members can find a description of the venue, ratings and a link to the resort's Web site all at [source:].

The site even hosts a variety of its own events for its extreme-sports fans. Visitors to the site must be a member to view and participate in upcoming events [source:].

If you're looking to connect with other extreme-sports fans, may be the perfect way for you to do it. For more information about, check out the links on the following page.


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