How the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club Works

Image Gallery: Extreme Sports The American Outdoorsman Adventure Club is perfect for those who love the adrenaline rush associated with sports like whitewater rafting. See pictures of extreme sports.
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Do you long for a little adventure in your life? Does a vacation spent snowshoeing in the mountains or driving a dune buggy through the desert sound exhilarating? Would you like to make new friends who enjoy the same activities that you do? If so, the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club could be the organization for you.

Jim Mueller and the staff from The American Outdoorsman television and radio shows developed the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club to give members access to discounts on a range of guided adventures. Members also have access to a social network of people that share their interests. The weekly broadcasts showcase spectacular examples of hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure travel; the Club helps bring those stories to life.

The American Outdoorsman Adventure Club offers viewers and listeners alike the chance to take a variety of trips organized by qualified outfitters, including horseback riding, canoe trips, white water rafting, fly fishing, bird hunting, big game hunting, hiking and rock climbing, and more.

The organization also directs efforts toward the conservation and preservation of our natural resources, and offers eco-tours around the world where participants can learn about delicate ecosystems and work in hands-on preservation projects. For example, club members can see manatees and other endangered species in their natural habitat at the Merritt Island Natural Wildlife Refuge in Florida, or observe birds and other wildlife in rural Manitoba, Canada.