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Adventure sports clubs and networks have become very popular in recent years. They are a great way to share stories and trail locations with other adventure sport enthusiasts. Find articles devoted to adventure sports clubs and networks here.


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How the Adventure Cycling Association Works

If touring by bicycle sounds like the kind of excursion you'd like to try, you're not alone. The Adventure Cycling Association is filled with people who love two-wheeled road trips.

How the American Alpine Club Works

The American Alpine Club has been a valuable resource to mountain climbing enthusiasts for more than a century. Members share climbing tips, gear, knowledge -- and scary stories.

How the American Hiking Society Works

The Appalachian Trail is one of the best-known footpaths in the United States. Protecting that long, gorgeous hike inspired an organization that's working to get you walking.

How the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club Works

If you feel the need for speed (or danger, or adrenaline...), you can satisfy it by going on a trip sponsored by the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club. You can travel with like-minded people, share stories and get recommendations on your next adventure.

How PADI Works

Back in the 1960s, two men in Illinois shared some drinks and commiserated over the shortcomings in the scuba certification process. How did the organization they came up with become the foremost in the world for dive training?

How USA Climbing Works

If you're a competitive rock climber who wants to get to the next level, a USA Climbing membership could be your first step toward a national ranking. What other benefits are there to joining this organization?

How American Whitewater Works

American Whitewater works to preserve the natural state of U.S. rivers. Find out what else the group is responsible for. (Hint: If you've ever gone rafting, you'll recognize it.)

How the World Kayak Federation Works

The World Kayak Federation has a goal of helping kayakers of all experience levels get more involved and engaged in this water sport. How can it help you become part of a larger kayaking community?

How the International Mountain Biking Association Works

The International Mountain Biking Association isn't just a social club; it helps to protect the interests of its members, too. How does this group advocate for mountain bikers everywhere?

How Works

Whether you're a surfer, skateboarder or snowboarder, you're not the only one. How can help you connect with other extreme-sports fans and find events near you?

How Works

Whether you're a snowboarder or skydiver, there are plenty of people out there who share your interest. How can help you connect with other extreme-sports fans?

How Tread Lightly! Works

There's something distinctly American about the rugged individualism associated with off-roading. However, the sport threatens the health of many natural habitats. Tread Lightly! teaches its members to enjoy nature ethically.