As these Climbing articles explain, climbers need strength and finesse whether rock climbing or scaling Mount Everest. Learn about the different types of climbing and techniques.


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Junko Tabei, the First Woman to Conquer Everest, Has Died

Tabei, also the first woman to reach the highest peak on all seven continents, spent her life challenging social norms and championing environmental causes.

How Tree Climbing Works

You don't have to be an arborist or an 8-year-old to go out and climb a tree. Recreational tree climbers come in all forms -- you just need some instruction, the right gear and a minimal fear of heights.

What is the history of rock climbing?

It's hard to pinpoint the exact time an agile shepherd left his sheep with the dogs and climbed some rocks just for fun, but the sport of rock climbing has been a popular outdoor adventure ever since.

How to Calculate Climbing Grade

Before people go out on a hiking or climbing expedition, they typically prefer to know what's in store for them. How difficult will a climb be? Will it be relatively easy, or are there many obstacles along the way? Climbing grades attempt to answer these questions.

How Climbing Gear Works

Some climbers wear slippers instead of soled shoes, so they can feel the rock with their feet while they climb. What other gear might you need if you're climbing El Capitan or the community rock wall?

What are the most common rock climbing terms?

While this climber is obviously no gumbie, you might be. If you're looking to brush up on your rock climbing terms, don't deck out -- we have you covered.

Top 10 Mountains to Climb

Naturally, Everest and K2 have a place on our list, but you don’t have to be near-superhuman to make your way up some of the world’s most incredible mountains.

Can you ice climb a waterfall?

When most people spy a frozen waterfall, they get out their cameras. But an ice climber unpacks his ice tools. What conditions make a frozen waterfall safe to scale?

How Ice Climbing Works

Adventure seekers like to turn up the volume on danger. So it makes sense that rock climbers would set their sights on ice. What makes ice climbing such risky business?

How Altitude Sickness Works

If you're not acclimated to high altitudes, you may risk nausea, loss of coordination and even fluid leakage into your brain as you ascend. Can you avoid it?

How has Mount Everest tourism affected Nepal?

Tourists flood Nepal each year to get a glimpse of Mount Everest. While the tourism means good money for the region, it's taking a toll on the mountains.

How Spelunking Works

Spelunking, or caving, is a sport in which people explore caves. Why would someone crawl into a hole in the ground? And how do they return safely?

How do Tibetans avoid altitude sickness?

At 16,000 feet above sea level, the average person would get sick from a lack of oxygen. How do Tibetans breathe easily?

Naked Sherpa Sets World Record

25-year-old, Lakpa Tharke Sherpa, set a world record when he stripped naked on the summit of Mt. Everest in 2006. He faced also created controversy because the mountain is considered sacred. Learn about this record here.

How Climbing Mount Everest Works

More than 2,200 people have succeeded, but nearly 200 have lost their lives attempting to climb Mount Everest. So why do it? The most famous answer, from climber George Mallory: "Because it is there."

How Rock Climbing Works

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that involves strength, control and finesse. Find out what it takes to really get high on life.