How to Repair a Bicycle

Man in his 50s at home with upside down bicycle repairing it.
Bicycle repair may not be as hard as you might think. 10000 Hours / Getty Images

It's a beautiful day, and you've decided to take a long, peaceful bike ride. You're happily pedaling along when it happens -- your tire is flat. Or maybe your bike's chain breaks. Instead of lugging your bike to the repair shop for a costly visit, fix it yourself using the directions in this article.

We'll cover how to fix a flat, repair a broken chain, replace a chain altogether, and fix or replace a spoke. For each repair, we'll give how-to specifics, helpful illustrations, and a list of the materials and tools you'll need to get the job done. We'll also cover how to tune up your bike's brakes.


Let's start with something most bicyclists have experienced -- a flat tire. Continue to the next section for the lowdown on this repair.

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