5 Tips for Traveling by Bicycle


Pack Snacks and Water

Cycling takes a lot of energy and burns hundreds, if not thousands, of calories. If you've ever "hit the wall" on a bike then you know the feeling of being depleted and lethargic. Your legs turn to lead and your motivation wanes. To avoid the "bonk" effect, pack healthy, energy-packed snacks to keep you going. Options include bananas, fig bars, peanut butter or apples. Energy bars provide a handy combination of nutrients to propel you down the road. That's the food side of the equation, but what about hydration?

Staying hydrated is even more important than fueling your body with healthy calories. If you become dehydrated, your blood will thicken, your heart rate will rise and you'll generally find that an otherwise fun ride can turn into a grueling slog. Plan to drink at regular intervals to keep problems at bay -- every 15 minutes is a good rule of thumb [sources: Coach Levi, GORP].