Adventure Photography

Adventure photography is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it's taking action shots, shooting wildlife pictures or going underwater with your camera, adventure photography is a lot of fun.


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What is the best wildlife photography equipment?

A disposable camera may work just fine for a day at the zoo, but people who photograph animals in the wild can benefit from using specific cameras, lenses and accessories. What do you really need to get the best shot?

How Underwater Photography Works

If you've ever opened up the pages of a nature magazine and seen dozens of beautiful underwater images, you may have wondered how the photographers got those shots. How do you protect a camera during underwater photography?

How Bird Photography Works

If you enjoy birdwatching, you might have considered taking up bird photography and capturing these graceful creatures in their natural habitats, but what are the basics of bird photography?

How Landscape Photography Works

Photographing a scenic sunset or sky-high cityscape isn't as difficult as it might seem. With the right tools and tips, you can be on your way to capturing perfect landscape photos.

What is macro nature photography?

Macro nature photography lets you capture larger than life images of small, natural subjects such as insects or blades of grass. What tools and techniques do you need to get started?

Do I have to use film for wildlife photos?

Film has long been the medium of choice for most wildlife photographers. But with advances in digital technology, is it now possible to bring just a memory card on your trip instead of rolls and rolls of film?

How to Take Action Photos

When you take photos, you don't just have the ability to freeze an image -- you can tell a story. And if you want to pull off the perfect action shots, you need a few handy tips and tricks.

Is film or digital better for action photos?

Among photography buffs, the film versus digital debate rages on. But is there a difference when you're shooting action photography?

How Action Photo Equipment Works

If you want to catch the perfect picture on the run, you'd have a lot of trouble capturing it with just a point-and-shoot camera. What kind of equipment do you need for great action photography?

How to Take Rock Climbing Pictures

One of the main draws to rock climbing is the chance to conquer the mountain and take in the spectacular view. It's no wonder that many enthusiasts opt to bring a camera along for the trip. How should you document your trek to the top?