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Outdoor activities such as biking, climbing and hiking keep you active during the warmer months. Learn more about snow sports like bobsledding and the Iditarod to keep you moving this winter.

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How to Camp With Kids

Camping with kids is all about keeping them safe and entertained. We'll show you how.

10 Classic Camping Meals

One of the best parts about camping is the food, and there are some classic meals that were made for the outdoors. We've got 10 that will make you want to set up your tent and get a fire going.

Essential Camping Checklist

Admit it: There's a nerdy part of you that relishes checking stuff off lists. So why not indulge your inner accountant -- and improve your odds of a safe, fun camping experience -- by scoping out these lists?

10 Tips for Camping at High Altitude

Sometimes, camping out is an uphill climb. Here are 10 tips for camping safely and enjoyably at high altitude.

How to Camp in the Snow

Do you love camping but long for something a little different? Why not replace your sunny campsite with a blanket of snow?

How to Choose a Good Campsite

Think you can pitch your tent just anywhere? Think again. Which areas should you avoid, and what makes the perfect campsite?

How to Prepare Food for Camping

Does camping have to mean lugging a hefty stack of canned goods in your backpack? Cut down on weight and waste with some new alternatives.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet on a Backpacking Trip

You wouldn't dance the Nutcracker in hiking boots and you wouldn't hike the Appalachian Trail in slippers. How can you protect your feet while you backpack?

5 Items You Should Bring on a Long Hike

You wouldn't set out on a long road trip with no fuel or GPS. So you certainly shouldn't start a long hike without the proper gear, either. We'll show you five important things to bring.

5 Tips for Getting Organized for a Camping Trip

You love camping, but if you're a novice, organizing your gear can be more grueling than the actual act of "roughing it." Here are some tips to help you get organized.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family Camping Site

You've done everything right: You researched camping equipment and bought supplies, and packed up everything you need for a perfect camping trip. But if you don't pick the perfect camping site, your trip could be over before it starts.

5 Tips for Preparing a Solo Camping Trip

There's a huge difference between loneliness and being alone. A solo camping trip can be rejuvenating, but how can you make sure it'll be safe, too?

5 Cooking Tools for Camping

Sure, you could munch on energy bars all journey long, but nothing beats a hot meal after a tough day on the trail. What tools do you need to cook it?

5 Ways to Prepare for a Long Hike

Hiking a long trail like the Appalachian takes stamina and strength. We'll tell you how you can get fit and prepared to take on the trails.

5 Tips for Preparing a Site for Camping

Want to reconnect with nature on a camping trip? Well you better know how to set up a campsite 'cuz things tend to get wild after the sun goes down.

Learn Proper Snowboard Care

Learn proper snowboard care in this article. Find out more about proper snowboard care.

22 Weird & Somewhat Useful Bicycle Facts for Staying Green on 2 Wheels

You don't need me to tell you that bicycles are good for the planet and good for your health. Learn more aobut the 22 weird and somewhat useful bicycle facts for staying green on 2 wheels.

Cycling Tip of the Week: How to Change Lanes and Make Left Turns

How to change lanes and make left turns on a bike. In this article, learn how to change lanes and make left turns while on a bike.

How to Choose a Bike for College

It will soon be time to go back to school for most college students. Many live on campus and can simply walk to class, but others live too far for that and have to find something faster than feet. Learn more about choosing a bike for college.

How to Ride a Bike: The Most Basic Cycling Tip of All

I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was an adult. Yeah, it's kinda embarrassing to admit but I'm sure there are plenty of you out there in the same boat...I mean, bike. Learn more about how to ride a bike.

Is a Fixed Gear Bike Right for You?

I know that a lot of Planet Green readers are cyclists (no big surprise, the bicycle is still the greenest way to get around), and this probably means that some of you are curious about fixed gear bicycles. Learn more about a fixed gear bike.

5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug

Ready to go camping but you hate to unplug? Don't worry -- you don't have to, and we've got a handful of gadgets to help make the most of your time in the wild.

5 Camping Gadgets for Serious Internet Addicts

You're headed camping, and you're armed with the essentials: a tent, some munchies and your laptop. Wait, laptop?! For Internet-obsessed campers who want to have their wilderness experience (and surf the net), we've got 5 related gadget suggestions.

How to Keep a Bear Out of Your Tent While Camping

If you're going camping, you need to know how to keep a bear out of your tent. Learn about how to keep a bear out of your tent while camping in this article.

How to Use Google Maps Cycling Directions

Do you want to learn how to use Google Maps cycling directions to plan your bike route? Learn how to use Google Maps cycling directions in this article.