Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities such as biking, climbing and hiking keep you active during the warmer months. Learn more about snow sports like bobsledding and the Iditarod to keep you moving this winter.

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How to Steer a Cruise Ship

Navigating a massive cruise ship through open waters takes a load of technology. We'll show you how it happens.

The 'Wild' Effect? Why Hiking Is Surging in Popularity in the U.S.

In the last few years, trail hiking has exploded in popularity in America. What sparked the increase, and is this a good thing?

Code Brown: Pools Are Nasty, Study Says

It's just about vacation and pool season. But do you know exactly what you're swimming in?

How Trophy Hunting Works

Trophy hunting is extremely polarizing. On one hand, proponents argue it's important for the survival of big game species and conservation of their lands. Opponents say that argument holds no merit. We explore both sides of this divisive issue.

Boy Scouts Gets New Name, Admits Girls, Keeps Evolving

The Boy Scouts of America will no longer include the word 'boy' in its official name. Opinions differ on the change.

Gnarly Dude! Surfer Rides Record-breaking Wave

Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa sets the world record for biggest wave ever surfed — and it's huge!

How the NRA Works

The National Rifle Association focuses its considerable power on protecting the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms. But that was not their primary mission in their early years. So what changed?

Zion National Park Overrun by Tourists, RSVP May Soon Be Required

The National Park Service is considering making RSVPs mandatory for Zion National Park, as crowds have overrun the park.

From the 5K to the Marathon, American Runners Are Slowing Down

U.S. runners are taking longer than ever to cross the finish line. But why?

Why Using the Term 'Dry Drowning' Could Do More Harm Than Good

"Dry drowning" sounds scary, and is all over the news. But is it even a real thing?

Extreme Sports Athletes Crave the Reward, Not the Risk

Think people who do things like jump out of a plane in a kayak have a death wish? A small 2017 study suggests otherwise.

Kathrine Switzer's Trailblazing Boston Marathon Run Was 50 Years Ago

The 20-year-old athlete became the first woman to enter the marathon, and officials tried to physically stop her. They couldn't.

Surprising Number of Marathoners Had Kidney Damage in Small, New Study

People who take on the 26-mile run may be prone to acute kidney injury, a condition that can cause swelling, pain and even seizures.

Spend a Weekend Camping to Sleep Better, Study Says

Catch up on those missing zzzz's by spending some time in the great outdoors.

Could Humans Break the Two-hour Marathon Barrier?

In the 20th century, Roger Bannister ran the first ever sub-four-minute mile. Will the 21st century see humans running a marathon in under two hours?

Bike Helmets That Look Like Toy Hair Could Get More Kids to Wear Them

In an effort to encourage kids to wear helmets, designers looked to the iconic, Lego-esque plastic hair of Playmobil toys.

Junko Tabei, the First Woman to Conquer Everest, Has Died

Tabei, also the first woman to reach the highest peak on all seven continents, spent her life challenging social norms and championing environmental causes.

Bike Helmet Airbags Could Keep Your Head Safe

New research finds that bike helmet airbags are pretty darn effective at protecting your noggin from traumatic brain injuries.

The Kids Are All High

Whether they're scrambling up 750-foot Hong Kong skyscrapers or climbing up the world's tallest church, urban climbers are daredevils with a pretty insane view.

Stuntman Skydives With No Parachute, Just Aims for Giant Net

Luke Aikins plummeted at 120 mph, risking his life in a daredevil stunt. Physics saved him.

How Fish Fraud Works

That red snapper you're enjoying for dinner might well be tilapia since 87 percent of snapper in the U.S. is mislabeled. Why is fish fraud so widespread?

This Guy Tried to Walk Across the Atlantic Ocean in a Bubble — Again

A quixotic aquatic attempt to traverse the ocean between Florida and Bermuda got the Coast Guard involved, and not for the first time.

5 Cool New Tech Products Making Bicycling Safer

Meet the technology-driven products helping bicyclists take aim at safer riding conditions.

This Explorer Cooked S'mores in an Active Volcano, So We Asked Him About It

What does a Kiwi know about the American campfire classic, anyway? Well, he sure knows drama...

Land Rover Goes Off-road in the City

Land Rover's urban off-road track, aka the Discovery Sport Experience, shows drivers what they're missing as they commute to work each morning.