Nevada Scenic Drives

Nevada scenic drives offer more than mountain ranges, stretches of desert, and the Las Vegas strip. Take a gamble on Vegas, but know that a scenic drive through other portions of the state is a sure bet, particularly if you want to see beautiful inland lakes, striking geological features, and glimpses of deer and antelope.

The links at the bottom of this page will take you to articles that highlight three Nevada scenic drives. You'll want to make sure to read these articles before hitting the road; they contain photos, highlights, and detailed maps.


These three Las Vegas scenic drives represent a full range of what Nevada has to offer. From the relatively short drive down the Las Vegas strip to a tour of lush Lake Tahoe and mystical Pyramid Lake, the state wows pleasure-seekers who pursue diversion indoors and out.

Here's a preview of what you'll find in our articles about Nevada scenic drives:

Lake Tahoe Eastshore Drive

America's highest lake has long drawn visitors to its tiny shores. Resorts, gaming, and luxury leisure commingle with recreation, including mountain sports, and a host of seasonal festivals.

Las Vegas Strip

Night owls are thrilled by the liveliness of this one-of-a-kind scenic byway. The neon-lit scenic drive rolls past all of the Vegas hotspots.

Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway

Just north of Reno, deer and antelope play in a region that features unusual rock formations and petroglyphs, including the Pyramid, a formation that emerges from its namesake lake.

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