Midwestern Scenic Drives

The Midwest includes the north-central states. Plan a scenic drive to Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota -- just to name a few.

Unique natural wonders line the Loess Hills Scenic Byway in Iowa. The rare soil of the area gives rise to hard-to-find hill formations and prairie grasses. Check out the attractions of this scenic drive.

Minnesota scenic drives roll past many of the state's 12,000 lakes, including Lake Superior. See photos, highlights, and detailed maps for six Minnesota scenic drives.

Missouri scenic drives showcase a variety of sights from the bluffs of the Mississippi rare plant and animal life and remnants of an ancient ocean. Here are photos highlights and detailed maps for two Missouri drives.

Ohio scenic drives capture the the diversity of the state. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for some of the best Ohio scenic drives.

Illinois scenic drives showcase the state's natural and historical wonders. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps about five scenic drives in Illinois.

Indiana scenic drives showcase the state's small towns, gentle wilderness, and historic sites. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps of two Indiana scenic drives.

The Illinois section of the Great River Road gives an overview of the complete timeline of American history while highlighting the beauty and wonder of the Mississippi River. Learn more about this scenic byway.

Along the Historic National Road nineteenth-century river transportation and commerce along with historic cemeteries tell of the struggles of the early settlers on the western frontier. Find out more about this scenic byway.

The confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers is the backdrop for the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route, lined by little towns and scenic vistas. Learn more about this byway.

The Amish Country Byway gives an opportunity to witness a different way of life. Read on to learn about the cultural and historical sights and natural geological features you'll pass on this scenic byway.

Visitors travel the CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway to learn about the development of the pre- and post-canal eras. Find out more about the historical sites on this route and the many opportunities for outdoor sports.

The Iowa portion of the Great River Road has the curviest road in the U.S. and other landmarks. But the real attraction is the scenery. Check out what you can find along the mighty Mississippi River.

Located in Motor City, the activities and history of Michigan's Woodward Avenue obviously focus on the automobile. But downtown Detroit is also home to the International Freedom Festival. Learn more about this unique drive.

The relatively new history of the homesteaders and the ancient history of the Native Americans who first inhabited this area give the Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway cultural diversity mixed with scenic attractions. Learn more.

Nature-lovers, take note: the Edge of the Wilderness will give you a taste of the North Woods you're sure to treasure for years to come. Learn more about this scenic drive in Minnesota.

Home to such diverse sites as St. Anthony Falls and an artistic rendering of a giant spoon capturing an enormous cherry, the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway is a unique urban journey. Learn more.

The source of the mighty Mississippi River is a must-see and is on the Minnesota section of the Great River Road. And that's just the beginning of what you'll find along this drive. Learn more.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway's history is closely tied to the Ohio River, which it follows. The Underground Railroad had many stops along this byway. Find out more about this scenic byway.

Indiana's winding, hilly Ohio River Scenic Byway offers a pleasant escape from suburban concerns as it passes villages, well-kept barns, vineyards, and orchards. Learn more about this scenic byway.

The Western Trails Scenic and Historic Byway in the panhandle of Nebraska greets visitors with the stark beauty of the Plains and the history of the Old West. Learn more about this historic byway.

Along Iowa's Great River Road experience Midwest hospitality on the main streets of river towns and cities or visit sacred sites and landscape effigies of Native Americans. Learn about this captivating scenic drive.