Maine Scenic Drives

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Maine scenic drives give you a taste of oceanside life and inland treasures. The links at the bottom of this page will take you to articles about four such drives that contain photos, highlights, and detailed maps.

Maine's coastline is its greatest asset. Lobstermen work the waters, and commercial fishing remains a strong contributor to the state's economy. But inland gems – including berry patches in the summer and maple sugar fields in late-winter – shouldn't be forgotten by visitors who plan to drive through the state.


You'll find everything Maine has to offer on the following scenic drives:

Acadia Byway

This drive features stunning views of lobster boats and commerce in Bar and Northeast harbors.

Old Canada Road Scenic Byway

This route takes you past the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake, and the Dead River, with plenty of white birch trees, moose, and beavers along the way. You'll also see evidence of English and French settlers dating back to the 1600s.

Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway

Trout weighing up to 12 pounds broke up the peaceful community here in the 1880s -- the fish attracted tourists who turned the region into a resort community. Explore 10,000 acres of wilderness that supports bears, deer, and rabbits.

Schoodic Scenic Byway

Follow the far eastern rim of Frenchman Bay down the Schoodic Peninsula, through Winter Harbor to the open ocean at Schooodic point, and discover Maine's quieter wilderness.

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