Top 10 New England Leaf-peeping Locales

Autumn foliage in Winchendon, Mass. See more pictures of trees.
Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Maybe it's the apple cider and pumpk­ins, kids back in school or the first sweater of the s­ea­son, but as­ soon as the crisp autumn a­ir hits us, we turn into leaf-peepers. October is perfect for meandering through New Engl­and's small towns and back roads on a leaf hunt.

Remember to ­bring plenty of snacks and a camera. Since rest stops can be few and far between on these roads, be good to yourself and your travel buddies: Even if you don't have to go, at least try.

­In this article, we visit 10 scenic routes for leaf peeping across New England state-by-state. Grab a map, fuel up the car and let's find some foliage!