Kobuk Valley National Park

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Kobuk Valley National Park

PO Box 1029

Kotzebue, AK 99752



Kobuk Valley National Park, one of the most remotely located national parks in the system, offers solitude in a peaceful wilderness setting. Situated in northern Alaska, this park has no roads and is traversed using the Kobuk River. If they're lucky, visitors can catch a glimpse of the wildlife in the Kobuk Valley's arctic terrain, including moose, caribou, and grizzly bears.

Entrance fees: Admission is free.

Visitor center: Headquarters is open Monday-Friday.

Accommodations: The park offers no developed campgrounds. Backcountry camping is available.

Visiting Kobuk Valley National Park

This park is one of the loveliest in Alaska, replete with clear running streams and rivers, the northernmost sand dune field in the Western Hemisphere, ancient archaeological sites, and all of the diverse fauna and flora typical of a vast province of the Brooks Range. These include such wildlife as barren-ground caribou and Yukon moose and such plant species as white spruce and paper birch.

The Kobuk Valley is pure Arctic terrain. Its wide bowl is filled with great boreal forests and a tundra that creeps up the lower slopes of the mountains.

The Kobuk River is the main artery for transportation in the park, which lies entirely above the Arctic Circle and has no roads. The two other major attractions of this park are the 25-square-mile Kobuk Sand Dunes, some of which rise more than 150 feet in height, and the Salmon River, which was classified as a national wild and scenic river.

Kobuk Valley National Park boasts sand dunes over 100 feet high, making it one of the best sandboarding destinations in Alaska. Check out the sandboarding article, video and images at Discovery’s Fearless Planet to learn more.

Kobuk Valley National Park is best suited for the adventurous, with its kayaking, canoeing, backcountry hiking, and camping. Keep reading to learn more about the sights and activities in this secluded wilderness.