How to Have an Active Family Vacation at a Park

Tips for Healthy Family Fun at a Park

Parks are great for bicycling and plenty of other activities.
Parks are great for bicycling and plenty of other activities.
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If you can't find something to enjoy on a state park vacation, then you simply aren't trying (or you're just way too picky). Of course, most parks include the requisite fishing, hiking, nature-walking and marshmallow roasting opportunities, but plenty also offer white-water rafting, swimming and more.

For example, Jekyll Island, located off the coast of southeast Georgia, is a nature-lover's paradise, with a smattering of modern fun thrown in for good measure. Among the possible activities are dolphin tours, kayaking through the marsh, coastal charter fishing, biking, horseback riding, birding and eco-excursions, to name a few. If you or your kids need a break from communing with nature, the nearby waterpark and miniature golf course will keep your blood pumping until you're ready to head back to the campground.

Of course, you don't have to trek all the way to Georgia for many of those experiences. Chances are that a park in much closer proximity to your neck of the woods offers many of the same rustic amenities, so do a little research and ask your friends for their nature-loving recommendations.

Even if the nearby park doesn't boast as many adventurous options, there are many family-friendly activities that you can all do together, often with little or no preparation. Is there an open field? Do a little kite-flying, or hold relay races and football tourneys! Or, have everyone scour the woods for the perfect walking stick, and then decorate them with paint and stickers and use them while nature-walking. As cliché as it sounds, a little imagination goes a long way in the almost-wilderness. How do you think the settlers came up with so many cool advancements? They had to!