How to Have an Active Family Vacation at a Park

Family Vacation Image Gallery Spending time outside at a local or state park is a refreshing way to vacation. See more family vacation pictures.
Ryan McVay/Thinkstock

In today's totally wired, connected and electronic society, many parents find it next to impossible to hold a conversation with their kids without being interrupted by a text, call or beeping gaming device. Although these advancements certainly have their undeniable perks, they also make us more sedentary and less likely to engage in real, down-to-earth conversations and activities.

Many families choose to temporarily buck the technological trend by hitting the great outdoors and experiencing nature's wonders together, even if only for the few days or so that our hectic lives allow. Whether you pack an old-fashioned tent or rent an R.V. or cabin, it's time to trade the laptops for s'mores and find out what your local or state park has to offer your family -- often at a fraction of the price of a beach or theme park vacation, no less!