How House Swapping Works

House Swapping Networks

You can join a house swapping network for a small fee.
You can join a house swapping network for a small fee.
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If you're lookin­g to house swap, where do you find reliable people to swap with? The Internet has made the business of house swapping much easier to navigate. There are a variety of Web sites that allow you to list your home and search other homes by location and preferred travel dates.

These sites typically charge a modest annual fee to list your home. Often, for less than $100, you can list your home with pictures and information, as well as search available homes across the country. There are many different home swap listing sites available. Some are huge and have listings of home all over the world. Others are smaller and specialize in particular locations. If you're feeling particularly lucky, you may even find the perfect housing swap on the free Internet marketplace,

No matter how you find your dream house-swapping home, the next step is always the same. Send an introductory e-mail to the homeowner, expressing your interest in their home, the dates that you're planning for your trip and, most importantly, information on your home. Include pictures, information about the community and tourist information for the time of year you're planning your trip. Feel free to approach more than one homeowner; casting a wide net increases your chances of making the perfect match.