10 Highest Waterfalls in the World


Yumbilla Falls, Peru

The Amazonas region of Peru, where Yumbilla Falls is located.
The Amazonas region of Peru, where Yumbilla Falls is located.
Jason Edwards/Getty Images

South America's recently discovered Yumbilla Falls is located in the remote Amazon region of northern Peru's Cuispes district. Although it currently stands at number five on our list, the waterfall's height is disputed by several officials: Peru's National Geographical Institute (ING) claims a height of 2,937 feet (895.4 meters), but other sources say it's slightly shorter at 2,854 feet (870 meters) [source: WorldWaterfallDatabase].

Yumbilla Falls is a tiered waterfall with four large drops. It's classified as a horsetail flow: The falls maintain some contact with the underlying bedrock. Like a number of other falls on our list, this low-volume cascade is often affected by seasonal weather conditions. The width increases in the rainy season and narrows during drier months.

Gocta Falls (an impressive pair of cascades that drop a total of 2,531 feet or 771 meters) and other prominent falls are located within a seven-mile radius of Yumbilla, and Peru's Ministry of Tourism promotes area excursions to tourists and waterfall enthusiasts. Surrounded by a lush rainforest in remote mountains, it is accessible to adventurous nature lovers who hike in on an unmarked trail with a local guide [source: WorldWaterfallDatabase].