10 Highest Waterfalls in the World


James Bruce Falls, Canada

People interested in seeing the world's ninth tallest waterfall will have to stay focused; visitors to James Bruce Falls near British Columbia's Princess Louisa Inlet could easily be distracted by the other, more visible waterfalls in the area.

James Bruce Falls is a comparative trickle when viewed alongside more mammoth waterfalls. Its glacial water source produces a fraction of the flow of a large river, so it's more a winding ribbon of whitewater than a thundering sheet of falling water. James Bruce Falls twists and turns through 2,755 feet (840 meters) of rocky, folded hills before emptying into the inlet. It is difficult to see in its entirety from its mouth, which must be reached by boat; a hike into the hills on local trails can produce a better view.

Nearby, however, a number of other waterfalls can be found. Some of these, like the short but frothing Chatterbox Falls, produce their grandest display near the inlet shore. Vacationers and casual tourists may be tempted to stay near these easier-to-access falls, rather than making their way to what some regard as North America's highest waterfall [source: World Waterfall Database].