How to Find a Retiree Travel Club

Where to Look for Retiree Travel Clubs

Travel clubs for retirees are all around. Nearby churches and your city or county active adult center are great places to start looking for one you'll like. An online search of "retiree travel clubs" will introduce you to some interesting, all-inclusive clubs like Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel), Smithsonian Journeys and ElderTreks. If you add the name of your state or city to that search, you'll find local groups that often have regular members and run their own show. You can also look for travel clubs on social networks like Facebook and Meetup.

If you don't find one you like, think about starting your own travel club! With today's technology tools and these tips, it's easy to get started:

  • Start small and initially limit the club to friends and relatives.
  • Use trip planners available through many cities' and states' convention and visitors bureau Web sites.
  • Test your planning skills and group cohesion with some short trips.

Explore the links below for more travel ideas.

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