How to Find a Retiree Travel Club

Tips for Choosing the Right Retiree Travel Club

Your first consideration for choosing a travel club is -- you! Grab a piece of paper and start listing your must-haves and can't-stands. Think about things like:

  • Destination and Interests: Do you want to visit a particular place or pursue a hobby, like bird watching?
  • Age and Activity Level: Do high-adventure or health and fitness vacations appeal to you, or do you prefer easy-to-access sites like museums and theaters?
  • Travel Style: How far and frequently do you want to travel, and how long do you want your vacations to last?
  • Mode of Transportation: Do you prefer cruise ships, bus tours, RV camps, trains, motorcycles or cars? Do you want to experience several different modes of transportation?
  • Travel Club Type: Do you want a club that provides all-inclusive vacation plans or a looser organization in which the members share responsibilities for planning and have free time for spontaneous activities?
  • Language and Translation Services: Do you speak more than one language? If so, do you want a club whose members do, too? Do you want to travel to countries where you can speak all your languages? Do you want a club that will provide translation services if you travel to places where you don't know the language?

Once you identify your travel priorities, click to the next page to see where to look for travel clubs.