How to Age-proof Your RV

Living Room and Kitchen

Like its name suggests, the living room is the most used area in an RV. Whether you're gathering for a game of cards, reading or just taking in the sights as you drive by, the living room can get cluttered with furniture. Consider removing certain pieces of furniture, such as a table or large chairs, to have more room to move comfortably throughout the space. Putting a couch against the wall of the RV will open up the room and allow for more mobility.

A kitchen galley is tiny compared to a home kitchen, but has its advantages in a moving RV. However, for someone with issues reaching high places, prepping even the most basic meal can be a challenge. By changing out the kitchen galley so that the microwave, fridge and cabinets are below the counter, you won't have to stand on a stool to access anything or worry about anything falling from a high space. You can also change out cabinet handles and faucets to make them easier to grab and open.