How to Age-proof Your RV

For some folks, RVing is much more than a hobby -- it's truly a way of life.
For some folks, RVing is much more than a hobby -- it's truly a way of life.
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If you're among the 8.3 million RV enthusiasts in the U.S., your RV is a home away from home (or really is your home). Ask anyone who has traveled cross-country in a rolling house: RV living isn't simply about seeing major attractions, but exploring all the off-the-beaten paths, small towns and scenic areas that make the United States the fascinating place it is.

RVs are made for every kind of lifestyle; whether you want to rough it or live in the lap of RV luxury, you can have it all on the road. These days, RVs can even be custom outfitted for people with mobility concerns.

While 35- to 54-year-olds currently hold the highest percentage of RV ownership (according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association), and people age 35 and younger are the fastest growing RV buyers, adults age 60 and older still make up a large percentage of people who own RVs. As baby boomers age (and gas prices go up), they may not be able to afford to trade in an older RV for a swanky new model. However, decreased mobility shouldn't stop these RV road warriors. If you're adapting an existing RV, here are some practical and affordable suggestions to age-proof every room in your RV. Don't let safety issues stop you from hitting the road.