10 RV Travel Tips for Retirees


Take a Test Trip

It all sounds so idyllic: A vacation with the whole family, roaming the open road, hiking and fishing along the way. But did you realize that your grown daughter just can't put down her smartphone? Or that your 5-year-old grandson refuses to use public toilets? The beginning of a long trip on the road is a terrible place to find out those things.

Even if you've taken trips with family to resorts or campsites, if you haven't tried the RV, give it a short test trip first. Chances are, it'll go great, and everyone will love it.

But if someone has a habit that just doesn't work in close quarters, you'll have prepared for that by starting with a trip that has a quick escape. It might turn out that some members of the family would make great house sitters while the rest of you hit the road.