10 RV Travel Tips for Retirees


Stay Safe

Some experts recommend that you get a locksmith to re-key the outside storage compartments of your RV -- in many models, these are keyed the same from vehicle to vehicle. That presents a bonanza for campground thieves in the know [source: DeMaris].

Have a locksmith review the RV's general door locks, as well. If you're on the road for a long time, it'll show. And anyone who's looking to take a quick crack at some great electronic goods will see your home away from home for the target it is.

Some experienced RV travelers recommend parking overnight only in campgrounds that employ security guards, adding alarms to the vehicle's doors and windows, and always double-checking when you hear a knock at the door [source: New RVer].

The RV community may be friendly, but there are plenty of people who will take advantage, as well.