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How to Pop Your Ears

The airplane you are on is about to land and you wish you knew how to pop your ears. Learn how to pop your ears from this article.

10 Family Friendly Songs for the Car (That Won't Drive Parents Nuts)

What might be worse than hearing "Are we there yet?" over and over again for hours on end? "The Wheels on the Bus" over and over again for hours on end. What are some perfect road songs that both parents and children can enjoy?

Family Vacation Pictures

Family vacations can be fun for parents and kids alike -- but how do you decide where to go? Take a gander at these pictures for some great family vacation ideas.

Should you let your kids invite friends on vacation?

Vacations are great for spending time with the family, but sometimes it's good for your kids to bring along their friends. But there's a fine line you have to walk when you're responsible for another little one during a lengthy trip.

Should you buy rental car insurance?

Most travelers think their own auto insurance will cover rental car accidents, too. But do you honestly know the details of your coverage, how long your coverage will last or how well you're really protected?

5 Tips for Avoiding Illness While Traveling

Nobody wants their trip ruined by having to fight-off an intestinal virus or to arrive home with the flu. Just follow these simple precautions and you can greatly reduce your risk of travel illness.

5 Tips for Avoiding Traffic Tickets on a Road Trip

Nothing saps the fun from a road trip like being pulled over by a cop. Besides simply obeying traffic laws, how can you avoid a ticket on your next trip?

5 Tips for Avoiding Car Problems on a Road Trip

Road trip: two words that promise summer adventure and fun. Car problems: two words that will kill that excitement in a heartbeat. A breakdown on the highway will turn your long-awaited vacation into the mechanic's "pay-cation" and leave you with unpleasant memories.

Should you invite your friends on vacation?

Vacation can mean spending a week -- an entire week! -- having the best time with your best bud. Sometimes, however, the novelty wears off. What do you need to keep in mind when sending out vacation invitations to your inner circle?

Should you get your kids their own hotel room?

It probably wasn't too long ago when the only person you worried about trashing a hotel room was you. All that changed when you had kids (or started using your own credit card to secure rooms). When's the right time to book them a separate suite?

Should you bring your kids on a Vegas vacation?

If your motto for this getaway is "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," then you might want to leave the impressionable dependents at home. But if you're in the area and you're looking for some family friendly fun, Sin City does provide some options.

5 Tips for Packing the Car for a Road Trip

If you pack the car in a thoughtful way, your passengers (read: children) will be entertained, well fed and happy while they travel. How do you pack right?

5 Tips for Choosing Safe Rest Stops

Rest areas are supposed to be safe havens for drivers who need some shut eye. But they're not nearly as secure you'd think. How can you play it safe at rest stops?

Are morning flights or evening flights better for kids?

Flying takes kids out of their comfort zones and normal routines, so a trip can go from exciting and fun to torturous in a matter of minutes. Parents look for the tiniest advantage when booking flights. When's a better time to take to the skies -- morning or evening?

5 Tips for Packing Car-friendly Snacks

What's summer without a car trip? And what's a car trip without some tasty snacks? Of course, you could probably do without any melted candy bars or sticky juices -- how should you go about preparing munchies for your family of road warriors?

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe at Theme Parks

Visiting a theme park is one of summer's most exciting activities for kids. There are daring adventures, exhilarating rides, and, of course, greasy park foods. But theme park outings harbor some dangers, too.

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Comfortable on Airplanes

Flying with your children can be one of the most stressful things you have to do as a parent. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare. What's the trick to keeping your kids comfortable during a flight?

Should you bring your in-laws on vacation?

Love 'em or hate 'em, you will inevitably have to spend time with your spouse's parents during a few holidays or special events throughout the year. But what about vacations? Are they an in-law do or an in-law don't?

5 Tips for Fighting Jet Lag

Feeling sluggish and out of sorts after a cross-country trip? That's jet lag. Here are five ways to beat it.

Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Overpacking

You've made a list of exactly what you need to take on your vacation. But once you get down to packing, it goes right out the window. Use these tips to put the brakes on overpacking -- and to make already small bags even smaller.

When is the best time of day to schedule my road trip?

The best time to get on the road may depend on a lot of factors, including how far you're going, the weather, traffic and other conditions. What factors should you keep in mind when scheduling a road trip?

5 Tips for Choosing a Rental Car

Sometimes you may not have any control over the type of car you get when you walk up to the rental counter to pick up your keys. If you have a choice, what factors should influence your rental-car decisions?

5 Tips for Packing Family Toiletries

Packing toiletries for just yourself can be tricky enough; packing them for the whole family can be a daunting task. What are some ways to squeeze it all in and make everyone happy?

What are the best frequent flyer programs?

The details of frequent flyer programs can be bewildering to some travelers -- it seems that every airline offers one. Sure, it's confusing, but do you know how to get the most bang for your flying buck?

How to Get Show Tickets When Traveling

Unless you live near a big city like New York, your choice of plays and musicals is likely limited. But once you're in the theatre district, how do you get the best seats or find tickets to sold-out shows?