Top 5 Phone Apps for Finding Restaurants


Yelp is a Web site and mobile app combination specializing in getting reviews on a variety of businesses, a quarter of which are restaurants. Yelp puts user ratings and comments at the forefront. You have many options for interacting with Yelp: Checking in, adding a tip, uploading a photo, drafting a review and bookmarking a location are all ways to tailor your experience. Like other apps on our list, Yelp's restaurant profiles include useful information like wheelchair accessibility, noise level and parking availability.

Yelp is also a gamification app that rewards users for connecting with friends and checking in at locations. Become a Regular by checking in a lot at a certain location; top that list, and you can become Duke. For more details about this and other Yelp features, check out our article How Yelp Works.

We've targeted restaurant apps that cover a broad range of cuisines. There are a couple of apps worth noting, though, for those with special interests. VegOut for iPhone, powered by, provides information and ratings for vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian-friendly establishments. DrinkOwl, both on the Internet and for iPhone and Android, lists daily specials on alcoholic beverages at area bars and restaurants. For an easier way to find and make dinner reservations online, check out Open Table.

Besides the ones listed here, there are many more apps out there to help you find restaurants. For some honorable mentions and lots more about restaurant apps, chow down on the information on the next page.

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