Top 10 Tips for Having a Good Flight


Bring Healthy Snacks

Carrot sticks make a healthy in-flight snack.
Carrot sticks make a healthy in-flight snack.
AP Photo/Brian Kersey

Save yourself some cash, probably some heartburn and even some time on the treadmill by packing your own healthy snacks rather than relying on airport and airline food.

Simple, cheap snacks can keep you healthy and prevent your blood sugar from dipping too low during a long flight. Crunchy snacks like carrot sticks, celery sticks and whole-wheat crackers are satisfying and require a minimum of fuss to eat in your seat. Granola, nuts and dried fruit are also great choices, but they often have more calories than you might think, so check the labels and serving sizes when you pack these items.

Sandwiches can be good to bring along, too, but make sure to use ingredients that will last the entire journey. Mayonnaise eaten at the end of a cross-country flight is never a good idea. Just be sure that whatever you bring is easy to eat, doesn't require refrigeration and doesn't need utensils.

Parents are masters of the bring-along snack. The next tip is for them (since they probably already knew about the healthy snacks).