10 Unforgettable Street Food Destinations


New Haven, Conn.

In the Northeast, New Haven is something of a legend when it comes to street food. This is due almost single-handedly to the presence of a United Nations-like collection of food trucks along Cedar Street -- just opposite the Yale School of Medicine.

Here, hardworking students and medical professionals fuel up with injera (a type of flat bread) from Ethiopia, curry chicken from Malaysia or bibimbap (a combination of rice and meat crowned with an egg) from Korea. The carts are so plentiful that the city of New Haven passed a law requiring them to be at least 15 feet away from one another. Standout bargains include Jon's Lunch, which serves giant sandwiches for the relatively tiny price of $7; Lean's Vietnamese Food Cart, where $5 gets you the richly favored pho (noodle soup); or the Peking Edo carts that dish out Taiwanese-styled fare for about $5.

If the jumble of Cedar Street is too intense, you can find more of the city's approximately 150 food carts along Prospect Street south of Sachem Street[source: New York Times].