10 Unforgettable Street Food Destinations


Minneapolis, Minn.

Minneapolis has not been a city with a reputation for street food, primarily due to heavy city regulation of the industry. However, in 2010, the city passed a street food expansion act that has allowed more mobile food vending in the city's downtown district. Vendors have been quick to jump on the wagon -- or cart, as the case may be.

Chef Shack was one of the first new vendors to set up since the law changed and was soon voted by USA Today as one of the "10 Great Places to Flag Down a Fabulous Feast" [source: USA Today]. Not only does Chef Shack serve up mouth-watering locally sourced food like watermelon gazpacho and Indian-spiced organic minidonuts, but also, its food truck serves as a party on wheels, complete with DJ and a go-go dancer on the roof. Chef Shack typically sets up at the city's various farmers markets, like the ones at Fulton City or Mill City.

The She Royal Deli brings the colors of global cuisine (think Indian samosas and Greek gyros) to a plain white truck parked at 7th Street and Nicollet Avenue, while the Magic Bus Café is a bright purple, 1978 converted Chevy school bus that serves split and fried hot dogs with toppings like psychedelic curry relish. The Magic Bus Café takes an interesting turn when it comes to street food, as patrons are welcome to dine onboard at a handful of tables. Look for the bus at farmers markets and special events throughout the city.