10 Unforgettable Street Food Destinations


San Francisco, Calif.

As a testament to its ever-growing street food scene, San Francisco hosts an annual Street Food Festival. A simple list of the participants rings a (lunch) bell loud and clear: Street food in San Fran is all about global gastronomy.

Curry Up Now, which bills itself as San Fran's first mobile Indian food truck, has been able to add three more trucks. While it focuses on traditional Indian treats like kathi rolls and chicken tikka masala, its approach is 100 percent modern. Curry Up Now is one of the many food trucks divulging daily locations via a blog as well as through Facebook and Twitter.

Other "multiculti" street eats in San Francisco include Hapa, which tweets the daily locations where you can find Pulutan (traditional Filipino small plates) and the Mexican-themed El Huarache Loco that serves huaraches and mixiotes on Saturdays at Alemany Farmers Market. Speaking of farmers markets, the one held at the Ferry Building has numerous street-eat-styled stalls like Delica, a Japanese deli and sushi bar, and Cowgirl Sidekick, a cheese and dairy bar (Ferry Building Marketplace).